Tosakin Goldfish, a Fascinating and Unusual Aquarium Gem

Tosakin Goldfish are a unique and captivating variety that have captured the heart of aquarists around the world. Tosakin, a goldfish renowned for its graceful swimming and unique appearance is one of the most beautiful ornamental fishes. We will examine the tosakin fascinating characteristics and care needs in this article.

Tosakin Goldfish has a unique appearance:

Tosakin’s unique and striking appearance makes it easy to distinguish from other goldfish. Tosakin’s key features are:

Double Tail: Tosakin are characterized by their double tails, which look like a flowing, large ballroom dress. Split tails give the fish a look reminiscent of an ornate, frilly fan.

Tosakins have a highly arched back, which creates an elegant curve. The Tosakin’s unique body shape distinguishes it from other species of goldfish.

Tosakins have short and stout muscles, adding to their charm.

Tosakin’s goldfish comes in many colors. These include red, white and red-white combinations. The vibrant colours of their fish enhances the visual appeal.

Tosakin’s Goldfish have cheeks that look like pompoms. This is a unique feature.

The Origins and the History

Tosakin’s origins are in Japan where the breed was developed at the end of 19th Century. Japanese breeders are credited with the development of the breed. Their goal was to produce a goldfish that had a distinctive appearance.

Tosakin derives its name from two Japanese words: “to”, meaning “ten”, and “saki”, meaning “borders”. This is because the split tail resembles an unfolded fan with 10 borders.

What you need to know about Tank Care:

Tosakin fish need proper attention and care to remain healthy. Following are some guidelines for care:

Tosakin fish require a tank with a capacity of at least 20-30 gallons per fish. This is due to their long flowing tails. Recommended is a tank of at least 30 gallons.

Water Parameters – Maintain clean water that is well oxygenated with a pH between 6.0 & 8.0. Also, maintain a temperature of 65degF to 75degF.

Use of a good filtration system will ensure that the water is clean, free of ammonia or nitrites.

Aeration – Due to the tail structure, Tosakin Goldfish require more oxygen.

To prevent injury to the delicate fins or tails of your fish, decorate with ornaments made from smooth, round substrate and ornaments.

Tosakin fish are peaceful in nature and will co-exist well with other varieties of goldfish. Do not house them in the same aquarium as aggressive fish or species that can nip fins.

Tosakin fish are omnivorous, so they thrive with a diet that includes high-quality pellets and flakes as well as live and frozen food like brine shrimps or bloodworms.

Breeding Tosakin Goldfish

Tosakin Goldfish breeding is a rewarding hobby for those who are experienced. If you want to encourage them to breed, give them a tank with suitable water and plants that will attach eggs. Tosakin’s goldfish hatch eggs into fry that require care and special feeding.


Tosakin is an aquarium enthusiast’s favorite goldfish for its elegant and beautiful swimming style. Its appearance makes it a real masterpiece. With its unique double-tail and arched back, it is an attractive addition to any aquarium. If you give them the proper care, these beautiful fish will thrive for years to come.