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What is programmatic advertising? And should you use it

Traditional digital marketing didn’t always work. Digital advertising was once a method where companies or businesses would buy ads space on websites directly, hoping to reach their intended audience. With the advancement of technology, advertising has become so specific that it is possible to pinpoint which audiences to target. These audience targeting algorithms are based on data from browsers and can be derived using demographic, geographical, psychographic, or time-sensitive factors. With programmatic advertising audience insights can be automatically bought to send the right message and context to the right consumers. You can see ctv advertising on our website.

How does Programmatic Advertising Work?

Programmatic advertising is easily explained by comparing to digital auction sites like eBay. Programmatic Advertising functions in a similar manner to digital auctions like eBay.

The technology behind everything ties it together

Programmatic advertising relies on the specific knowledge gained through a Supply Side Platform. An SSP is an online platform used by publishers to manage programmatic advertising inventory. SSP uses logic in order to ask questions like: “Has X user searched for X particular service or product before? Did other users search for X particular product or service before? What is your most popular age range?

The SSP programmatic catalog is then sent on to Demand Side Platforms, another ad-exchange. The DSP further narrows down the target audience. The DSP matches the SSP criteria with the ad and sends the appropriate ad. This data exchange happens in milliseconds. It takes 300ms for you to blink your eyes. Programmatic advertising takes 10,