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Find out what to look for before buying a car from a used-car dealer

Most used car sales are done by used-car dealers buy here pay here. You can find a large variety of used cars at these dealers. Customers are advised to only buy from registered auto dealers and not from private car sellers.

It is not possible to trust every used-car dealer. Therefore, here are a few factors you can use to decide if you want your car from that particular dealership.


Prior to making a business deal, you should consider a dealer’s status and reputation. A reputable car dealer with an established reputation is more likely to be a trustworthy, honest and helpful business partner. If you want to locate reliable car dealers that sell used cars, then check out the Better Business Bureau. Also, you could ask family and friends if they were happy with their car purchases from used dealers.

The following is a list of resources to help you.

The only thing that counts is finding a dealer who has a great reputation. Also, you should check what services are offered by the car dealership. They may offer maintenance and repair appointments, car loans to aid you purchase your car in case you’re having financial troubles, special discounts that vary based on bargaining power and location, or extended warranties.

Cost of the vehicle

This isn’t true when dealing with auto dealers. Car dealers are not to be believed. The vast majority of car dealerships have “addons”, including tinting for windows, accessories such as CD changers or products that protect your paint, coatings under your car’s chassis, and accessories to customize your interior. A car dealer may install an add-on before selling a car to force a customer into making a purchase. The supplementary extras might be just what you’re looking for if it is something you really need. Do not buy them if you are not going to use them.

All used car dealers should take these things into consideration, regardless of their reputation or respect. You could make a smart investment by finding a sincere and trustworthy person to buy your used car.